Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Alex....

He has the cutest cheeky smile and the happiest disposition. Our gorgeous little grandson Alex, turns 3 today. Yes, he might live on the other side of the world, but his detail orientated mummy keeps us well informed and with this wonderful age of amazing technology, we get to be a special part of our grandchildren's lives, and they ours. And so as our very precious younger grandson turns 3, we are so thankful for his little life. 

The parcel we sent last week should soon arrive on their doorstep, and will be devoured with all the great gusto an energetic three year old, over-excited birthday boy can muster.
We look forward in great anticipations to the photos Melissa will send which always so aptly capture the special moments. Melissa always has the boys decide on a theme for their party. Even at just 3 Alex is full of ideas and plenty of instructions are issued so that every detail of his party and cake will be just as he envisages it. Even at 3... he's an ideas man! 

I know his mum will have spent a few nights working on his cake until the wee small hours, and there will be lots of decorating of the party room with colour coordinated balloons and banners. And just like the other years, no matter how exhausted she feels from all the hours of preparation she will feel it's been totally worth every ounce of effort once Alex sets eyes on his cake and amazingly well prepared party room. Sloppy kisses and telling her she is the best mummy in the world, will be more than ample payment. She adores her boys and is thrilled to make their birthday wishes come to life. 

In just two weeks she gets to do it all again, with a different theme and an equally magnificent cake when Dan turns 7. And will his mummy mind a bit...not in your sweet nelly!

I can't help but be reminded of how blessed we are to live in an age where we have just amazing technology at our fingertips. Growing up I had a penfriend who lived in the USA. Letters and momentos were exchanged with great anticipation, and I remember excitedly devouring a letter or card from the US, which had spent the previous six weeks crossing the Pacific Ocean on an ocean liner. How amazing it is, that today we can write an email, include lots of photos that may have been taken just minutes before, and in seconds they can be on the desk of our family and friends thousands of miles away.

How does technology today, help keep your family close? 

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Father's Day....

I wonder what it is that makes a good Father? Just what the exact requirements are that provides a girl with a strong role model to what a man can be. I'm blessed to have had two fathers in my life. A Father, and a Father in law. Each of them taught me different things and did so in different stages in my life.

My own Father who shone with eternal optimism and joy for the simple things in life - a good meal, a beautiful spot to sit in the sun, a good book, a home-cooked meal, good music, sitting by the fire. Time spent with people with those he loved.

My beautiful Father-in-law who was one of the kindest people you will ever meet. A quiet, hard working, decent man, who cared for others and loved deeply. A Godly man who always was genuinely interested in the things that I did in my life. From the time I met Dave and frequented their home, my father-in-law truly loved and accepted me as his daughter. My wonderful Father-in-law was one of the funniest and generous people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, With such charm and wit, a man who took pleasure and joy from spending time with his family....soaking up time on his farm, a simple meal nattering and laughing for hours. A man who truly served His God, family and was so kind, and genuinely interested in everyone he met. My darling hubby is a real chip off the old block, and I am so thankful you were a wonderful example Dad H.

I suppose all someone really needs from their Father is love,and support. Genuine interest in all that you do. A willingness to be a part of someone's life - whatever they have chosen to do, in whatever form that you want them to. For girls I think the relationship is such an important one. You get your first understanding of men from your own Father. Ideas are formed from the way your Father treats you, about the way he treats your Mother - it gives a young person an idea of how things bigger than you in the world work. My Dad was not one to tell me he loved me, but I absolutely knew that he did. He was there for me when it counted, and
he always made me feel provided for and secure.

My girls and son are so blessed. They have the most wonderful dad they could ever hope to have, and it thrills my heart when each of them clearly lets it be known that they have the best dad ever. He not only has guided them well, they haven't just heard of His faith in God, he has lived it each and every day. All their lives he has been that kind, loving, Godly, steady influence in their lives, and each of them keenly know how much they are loved and are so secure in that.I can't begin to tell you how thankful and blessed I feel that our children even as adults, know without a shadow of a doubt, they are unconditionally loved and always will be. He is kind - so patient and kind and caring. He loves them and me, deeply, with a strong, quiet passion. He is smart, teaching them more about the world than I ever could. He's silly, and funny, and lets them be whoever they want to be - that confidence and ability to be comfortable in their own skin - that's all you want for your children isn't it? They see a man who treats his wife and partner with love and respect. They see a man in love with a woman, sneaking in cheeky pashes in the kitchen even after 34 years of marriage, and he will always stand up for me. I want them to remember and see that married relationships can be really great, and for a lifetime.

So to my own Dad's in heaven, - Happy Fathers Day for last Sunday, - Thank you for all your love and support that you gave to me and my own family. For being good men, hard working men, men who have loved me - warts and all. Thank you.

my wonderful hubby Dave, on Father's
Day morning.

And to my darling hubby Dave, Happy Fathers Day! I am so proud that I get to call you my husband, and that my children have a wonderful male role model in their lives. We all adore you. We hope you had a lovely day.

And to any other Dad's out there - I hope you all had a happy Fathers Day too!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

end of winter.....

It's almost there....within reach. You can get an occasional smell of it. I can almost feel it underfoot. Spring... I am so looking forward to you arriving!

The lavender....divine. 

pretty toes...and shoes see colour again!

and some OPI found it's way to my nails

I am so touched, and thankful for all your sweet messages & prayers last week. What a week I would rather forget, but I'm so thankful that prayers were heard...and answered. I can hear again....thank you Lord! It certainly gave me a real insight into how hard it must be for those who live in a world of silence. It's not something I had really thought about before, but to feel isolated because I was unable to hear anything more than a very faint muffled noise, made me realise how it would be if that became my new norm. I have to admit that I certainly shed a tear when I contemplated the possibility that I may have heard the voices of my family for the last time. That was a very real possibility when the doctor announced to me...(via writing on my iPad in his office)...this is bad, this is really bad. No-one wants to be told that by their doctor! My darling hubby and family rallied around and looked after me really well and I thankfully had made enough improvement (not with my hearing, but with the infection) so avoid hospital by the skin of my teeth. So what a difference a lot of prayer, a lot of meds and 9 days have made. I'm still on antibiotics but doing ever so much better. I was so touched by all the love, help and prayers, and I am so blessed to have family and friends who really care.

 Many thanks Denise for your very sweet get well message which arrived in the (snail) mail today. I am so touched that you thought of me and took the time to put pen to paper, especially when so much is going on for you at the moment.

Time for me to head up for my bath and bed. Goodnight everyone. 
hugs 'n blessings.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's the little things.....

I love this time of year, when the winter days are drawing to a close and it feels as though spring is just around the corner. I love the fact that bulbs are flowering and the garden is coming alive with so many hints of the seasons about to change and I can hang out the washing again and it actually dries....bliss. I love nothing better than a freshly made bed with sheets that have died's the simple for me is very much about enjoying the simple things.

Those who know me well know that I will whip the camera out at every opportunity....

by some miracle I have managed to keep this little beauty
alive for 18 years! It belonged to my sweet late mum.
Every time I see it in bloom, I'm reminded of her.

we have lots of these Iris in bloom right now

Couldn't resist the urge to cook up a batch of cheese muffins today. This has been a family favourite recipe since Melissa, my eldest daughter first made it in Home Science at school. They are delicious! If you would love to give them a whirl, here's the recipe.....

preheat oven 200c (390F)
lightly grease muffin tin (12 hole)
                           2 cups of self raising flour (plain flour with baking powder in it)
                           1/2 teaspoon salt
                           1/2 teaspoon mustard powder
                           2 pinches of Cayenne Pepper
                           2 cups of grated tasty cheese
                           2 eggs lightly beaten
                           1 cup of milk

              1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl to combine.
              2. divide mixture between 12 lightly greased muffin holes
              3. Bake for 15 minutes at 200c or 390F (less for fan forced oven)

This is a terrific recipe for kids to make or help you with, because it's a toss everything in and mix kinda recipe. They also cook in 15 mins to easy to throw together while you chat to unexpected guests.

And that's it.....yummo, enjoy! 


Have a blessed week!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

a quick way to line an envelope

I thought today I would share with you a very quick way I have found to line my envelopes. I just love the way they look and hope you'll have fun making them too. Here's what to do...

trim your selected lining paper so that it is
slightly narrower than the envelope

slip the lining paper inside the envelope

flip the envelope over and trim the lining
along the flap using the edge of the flap as
your guide for cutting

remove the lining and trim about 1/4" along
the bottom of the lining paper

place the lining back inside the envelope

gently lift the lining and apply glue to the flap

imagine the possibilities! You can use scrapbooking
papers, wrapping paper or any pretty papers that
are out there. 

Because I make quite a few of these, I made
myself a cardboard template to trace around.
You might find that easier too if you plan to
line a lot of envelopes. To make a template
just follow the steps above and use the cut
lining to make a template.

There you go.... have fun lining your envelopes!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Long time no posts....

I thought it was about time I added an update here. My weeks seem to skip by so fast and somehow blogging seems to get lost along the way.

Brooke and I have always love crafting of any kind...well both my girls are very creative really, but Brooke enjoys sewing as much as I do, and so we've been working together on creating some bunnies which we plan to sell either from my website, or eBay. Mind you each time we create a new one, we fall in love with it and don't really want to part with it, but since we don't have room for all these little cuties, sell them we must. We have I think 4 which are ready to sell, and so I thought I'd show you the smallest one of all so you can get an idea of what we've been creating. They have been designed and made as collector items, not as children's toys.

He is only 6" tall not including his ears or 8 1/2" including ears. He's made with the very high quality Shultz  mohair. As you can imagine working on something so small, it's not easy turning those tiny little limbs and ears right side out after we've sewn the seams, but they are well worth the effort. His ears are wired so they can be bent for different poses and his arms are armature inside so that his arms can be bent or moved to hold things.  We wanted him to look like he'd been a long lost friend, found in an attic..hence his unmatched buttons and careful shading designed to give him that vintage feel. I made all his little bags, books, Bible, postcards etc. So there you have it, a sneak peek at one of our bunnies.

I hope you all have a most enjoyable weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Dan...

Wow....time passes way too quickly. My sweet, precious eldest grandson Dan has just turned 6. Melissa did a great job of getting over 100 photos to us the very night of his birthday so that we would feel included in Dan's special day. He had a wonderful birthday and was very happy that just as he'd requested, his clever mummy had made him a "Chuck E Cheese" cake.
Thank you to all of you who kindly send 'happy birthday' wishes on my Facebook wall. ;) 

Well my healthy eating plan is going well. It's been 4 weeks since I began and I'm really pleased that already I've shed 10 pounds (4.7 kilos). I am not finding it hard at all, and of course once you start to see results it does spur you along. I'm going to load up the scales later with some potatoes or something to give me an idea of just how much 10 pounds is. I do know it's more than the average birth weight of a new born baby, so I'm wondering how I carried those 10 extra pounds whilst I did gardening and housework. Now for the next 10! As I planned to do, I don't cook special low cal meals for myself, I eat the same as my family, only just a small plate of it. Portion control seems to be the key. In the main we eat fairly healthily anyway, as in I have steamed all our veggies ever since my kids were was more the chips and naughty snacks that got me off the track. Of course going into summer we have all those delicious summer stone fruits and melons in the stores, plus lots of fresh salad items available, so that does make it a lot easier. 

We sure have had lots of hot weather and storms. Last night we had a very welcome cool change around 10pm with a drop in temperature of around 10 degrees....nice! 

Time to put on the coffee pot...Dave is nearly home form work. Have a great week everyone. ;)

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